We have watched film Amistad in school, in lessons of English: Across Culture. It’s historical drama about real event of slaves from Africa. The film is about slavery in 19. century, when people with black skin were escorted from their home to the American continent.
In the beginning Cinque and the other slaves are on the journey from Africa on the ship La Amistad, they get free and they take over control on ship. 2 people from crew must steer back to the Africa but they streer to the America.
Resources is spent and they stop on the island but the American Navy catches them and put them to the American prison, where they wait for lawsuit.
During the lawsuit Joadsen and Tappan ensure the translator Baldwin for Cinque and they go to the ship La Amistad and they find document about slaves, where is written the slaves are from Africa, slavery from Africa is illegal. And because of it they win the lawsuit.
But the Spanish ambassador takls with American president and he says him it could begin a Civil War, if he will set free the slaves and Cinque is in prison again.
    Joadsen and Tappan ask for help ex-president Adams although the first he refused after that he accept it and helps them. He has long and wonderful speech at The Supreme Court and finally it makes him free.
    In the end the slave’s fort is made free too and Cinque and slaves from La Amistad go home.
Although there were a lot of dialogues and lawsuits and not enought action, plot is interesting, because of excellent actors and because of you want to know what happen with them you must watch it to the end.
Djimon Hounsou’s (Cinque) performance is great, he is convincing as big, unlearned and silent person – typical slave.
Morgan Freeman (Theodore Joadsen) is ex-slave, he is very silent.
Stellan Skarsgard (Tappan) activist and lawyer of Cinque.
Matthew Mc Conaughey (Baldwin) is translator of Cinque. For me he connect two worlds and two cultures, he is excellent and he is convincing as person who lived in this time.
Anthony Hopkins (John Quincy Adams) is an ex-president, his performance is really the best, he is high-principled and he doesn’t do something if he doesn’t belive it. I can say, at the end, during his speech, he belived what he say.
The dialogues are realistic but very difficult to understand. I can to translate it but I sometimes don’t understand it.
Location is real, true and nippy and costumes are great and realistic.
Although there aren’t action, funny scenes and laywer fights instead of main hero of film, this film is very good. If you don’t watch it, never mind. It is important to know about slavery but there are a lot of the other films about it. But if you started to watch it, you can’t stop it and go. You must to watch it all.

English language and english speaking countries

About English language
    About 420 million people speak English in the world. It means that English is the most wide spred language in the world. It means a world language.
It is used also for practical purposes – in administrative, in economy, in business, in technology, in education, in sport.
English became so important in the 17. century. English is of Germanic origin. English borrowed words from many other languages (French, Spanisch, Czech – robot). And we can say that other languages are influenced by English vocabulary.
There are 5 main types of English, which differ in pronuncation, spelling and vocabulary: British E., American E., Australian E., Indian and Africa English.

English speaking countries
    The name is used for the countries, where the majority of population speaks English as their mother tongue: Great Britain, Ireland, The USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
But there are other large countries were Engish is spoken as second language, for example India, Pakistan, The Republic of South Africa and other African countries.
We can say that people speak English in the USA, Ireland and in the Commonwealth countries. The Commonwealth is an association of Britain and 47 former colonie. Founding members were Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Later the Commonwealth included many African, Asian and Caribbean nationals. The Queen of England Elizabeth II. Is the former head in 17 dominions.

Nowadays all pupils of our republic can to learn English when they are 8. They have choose other foreign Lang – French, English, German, Russians, etc.
I learn two foreign languages – English and German. As for me English is easier than German. Languages are important for professionals or travelling.

Medical science

Medical care is provided for our citizens from birth to death. Soon after birth each child is vaccinated against such illnesses as tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio and later smallpox.
Health is the greatest gift for everybody. If people meet the usually wish a lot of health one another. We all wish to by healthy. Because when people are ill they can’t work, they feel unhappy, they must stay at home, take a lot of medicine. They are in a bad mood. If somebody is ill, we can’t be happy and full of energy.
You can keep your health by physical training, hardening the body, sporting, sufficient sleep, balanced diet and avoiding smoking cigarettes, stress and drinking big amount of alcohol.
There are a lot of illnesses. We can divided into two groups: common and dangerous illnesses. The most common disease of all is cold, infection, angina, flu, tonsillitis, bronchitis or pneumonia. The illnesses witch are very catching or dangerous – a cancer, venereal disease (AIDS), a tuberculosis, a diabetes, a pneumonia etc. A lot of scientists and doctors look for medicine against this illnesses.
When you have a flue, you usually have a temperature, sore throat, cough and you snooze very often. You also have a headache and feel very weak and sick and even hoarse. You can go through it easily by staying in bed taking pills, keeping warm, sweating, gargling and drinking herbal tea with honey or lemon. But overcoming the illness can be very dangerous.

When I am in ill health:
When I feel unwell, I can see a doctor called General practitioner (GP). I wait in the waiting room, which is often overcrowded. When the nurse comes out, I have to give her my insurance card and then she invites me to a surgery office. The doctor usually asks what the trouble is and then asks me I undress, because she must examine me. She also wants to know if I have a temperature, a good appetite and here I feel pain. She wants me to open my mouth and say “Ah” to see if my tonsils are red. Finally the doctor diagnoses the case and prescribes a medicine. With prescriptions I go to pharmacy and get antibiotics, vitamins pain relievers, ointment, syrup, herbs for a tea, spray, drops or gargle etc.

Sports & games

Sports belong to most popular leisure time activities. Sports as a form of relaxation are refreshing, can help take off some weight, and to make use of one’s skills and strength. We can practise outdoor or indoor sports, in water or anywhere we want.

We can divide all sports into two groups according the place they can be practised:
1)    Indoor sports include for example athletics, gymnastics, table tennis, boxing, wrestling etc.
2)    On the other hand, among outdoor sports there are running, skiing, sledging, sleighing, hiking, rock climbing, horse riding, golf, tennis and some aquatic sports such as rowing and windsurfing, yachting, canoeing.
3)    Non-professional cycling, or riding a mountain bike, which is one of the most popular activities, can be also enjoyed outdoors on the roads or paths.
4 ) We can divide sports to winter and summer sports.

The games are usually all season activities. Many sports and games are played in sports halls, on playgrounds or in stadiums. Some winter sports are practiced on an ice-rink. Among these are ice hockey, speed skating or figure skating. If a river is frozen over everybody can skate on it.
The most numerous group of games are the ball games. Football is the most popular game in the world. Another sport from Great Britain is rowing.
In our school lessons of physical exercise we usually play volleyball, basketball, football, or baseball. If the weather is good we go to the playground and play some games there. But we have only two lessons a week.
Once in two years we have Olympic games, winter games and summer games. Important disciplines in winter games are: Ice-hockey, skiing downhill, cross country, slalom, ski jumping, skating, figure skating. In summer games it is: athletics, rowing, football, cycling, ball games etc.

When I was much younger, I learned swimming, cycling, skating, jogging,... etc. When I was twelve I started to play volleyball. Later I became interested in various ball games. In summer I use to play volleyball with my friends and family and in winter I often swim. I like to watch some sports on TV – e.g. ice hockey, figure skating or athletics competitions.

The czech republic

The Czech Republic is the state we live in, and in which most of us were also born. It is our native country.
The Czech Republic is situated in the centre of Europe and sometimes it is called the heart of Europe. Its population is about 10 million people and covers an area of about 78 000 square km. Our republic has four neighbours. In the north it borders on Poland and in the south on Austria. The shortest border is with Slovakia in the east and the longest with Germany in the west. Our country has three parts: Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.
Surface is hilly. The border is lined by the Šumava Mountains in the Southwest, the Krkonoše in the North and the Hrubý Jeseník and the Moravian-Silesian Beskydes in the Northeast. The highest mountain is Sněžka in Krkonoše.
The longest rivers are the Vltava, the Elbe and the Morava. South Bohemia is rich in ponds - e.g. Rožmberk and there are 2 large lakes and a lot of forests. Bohemia and Moravia are rich in mineral spas – e. g. Karlovy Vary, Mariánské L., Františkovy L., Poděbrady, Luhačovice, Jeseník.
Besides Czech nationalities we can find here various ethnic minorities speak their original languages as the Slovaks, the Roominess, the Poles, the Germans, the Ukrainians and the Russians, the Chinese.
The first president was T. G. Masaryk since 1918. On January the 1st 1993, Czechoslovakia split into two countries - the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. The currency used in the Czech Republic is the Czech crown. Since 1990 was democratic president Václav Havel. His function finished in January 2003. Present-day the head of state is the President Václav Klaus. 
Main industries are machinery, chemistry, food, textile (Prostějov, Brno), wood, metallurgy, steal industry, iron, car industry (Mladá Boleslav, Plzeň, Kopřivnice). Czech rep. has rich in mineral resources as mining, farming, coal (Ostrava). Main agriculture products are wheat, sugar, fruit, sunflowers, corn and potatoes, cattle-breeding and pig-breeding and fishes.
The capital city is Prague with its population about 1,2 million people. There are a lot of sights – Karl’s Bridge, National theatre and museum, Karl’s university. The largest cities are Brno, Ostrava and Olomouc atc. Among the most beautiful historic towns belong Prague, Kutná Hora, Tábor, Telč, Olomouc, Kroměříž… Also many castles, ruins and church and cathedral can be found in our republic. To the most interesting ones belong Karlštejn, Křivoklát, Bezděz, Hluboká, Zvíkov, Loket, Kuks, Lednice and of course the Prague castle.
Our national anthem is called Kde domov můj? (Where is my home?). Our flag consists of three colours, red, blue and white. The red is at the bottom, the white is at the top and the blue makes a triangle at the left side.

Australia and New Zealand

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world but the smallest continent. The Australian Alps has the highest Australian mountain - Mt. Kosciusko. Many of Australian rivers are dry at least part of the year and fill with water only during the raining season. The Murray River is the longest flowing river. The second longest river is the Darling. There are three big lakes - Lake Eyre, Lake Torrens and Lake Gairdner - in western Australia and in Tasmania but most of then are dry too. It is a country of great variety. It is warm in December and cold in summer.
In 1770 James Cook of the British armada became explored this continent. The first white settlement was made up of about 750 prisoners. Density is very low - about 2 people to 1 square km.
Main industries are machinery, iron, steal, textiles, car and ship building. Australia is rich in mineral resources as mining, farming, coal, copper. Main agriculture products are wheat, fruit, sugar, cattle and wool.
Australia is a British dominion. The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II. Currency used in Australia is the Australian Dollar. Official language is English. The Commonwealth of Australia consist of 6 states and 2 territories. New South Wales (capital city is Sydney), Victoria (Melbourne), Queensland (Brisbane), South Australia (Adelaide), Western Australia (Perth) and  Tasmania (Hobart). The Australian capital city is Canberra.
Canberra is the capital of Australia since 1997. It is also the seat of the Australian parliament. Thanks to its natural scenery and architecture Canberra is sometimes said to be one of the most beautiful capitals in the world.
Sydney is the largest city in Australia. It has ideal natural conditions. Among important places there is for example Opera house with its fascinating roof construction, skyscrapers, hotels, offices and restaurants. There are also many parks and botanical gardens in Sydney.
Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria and the second largest city in the Australia. Now it is a modern city with a well developed industry. You can see there a lot of modern skyscrapers, parks and botanical gardens.
New Zealand consists of 2 large islands - North and South Island - in Pacific Ocean. Both islands are hilly. Its population is about 3 million. Density is much high than in Australia. People live in industrial centres. Most inhabitants are a British origin. The first European was a Dutch navigator Abel Tasman. Captain James Cook explored the coasts in 1770. Now it is an independent member of the Commonwealth. Industries are textile, machinery but especially forest. Its rich in oil, iron, metal and gas. The capital city is Wellington (head of state is Queen Elisabeth II.).


The USA are situated in the southern part of North America. Its neighbours with Canada on north and Mexico on south. The United States of America are the fourth largest country in the world.
The land is bordered by three oceans – the Artic ocean, the Atlantic ocean and the Pacific ocean. The largest mountain is Mount McKinley in the Alaska Range. The largest rivers are the Mississippi and the Missouri. It is the third longest river system in the world after the Amazon and the Nil. The border with Canada is in its central part made by the Great Lakes Region. The Great Lakes are: Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario. Lakes Superior is the second largest in the world. There are many national parks in the USA, e. g. Yellowstone, Rocky Mountains, Grand Canyon.
The USA population is about 250 million. The main language spoken is American English.  But we can hear various ethnic minorities speak their original languages (Chinese, Spanish). American English differs from British English in vocabulary.
The USA consist of 3 different regions. These are the continental part, Alaska and the Hawaii islands. The American continent was discarded by Vikings around the year 1000. 500 years later came Christopher Columbus to the Caribbean sea. The first English colony was founded in Virginia. In 1776 the Declaration of Independence was adaptive. George Washington was elected as first president of USA at the 4 of Julys. This is the day, when the USA was founded. It is a national holiday.
The main agriculture products are wheat, cotton, tobacco, cattle breeding, fruit and vegetable. The USA is rich in the mineral resources as coal, copper, gold, iron and oil. The main trading partners are Canada, Japany, Mexico and Great Britain.
The official language is English. The USA consist of 50 states, it is federation New York was originally called New Amsterdam. Now is consist of 5 district – Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Richmond.
The head of state is president Obama. His residence is the White House in Washington. The main body is called Congress - its seat is in the Capitol. Pentagon is the centre of military forced.
Places of interests are Detroit, New Orleans (jazz music), Los Angeles (famous film centre Hollywood and Beverly Hills), Philadelphia (the oldest city), Chicago (is known like the city of skyscrapers) . A tourist area with long beaches is Florida.