We have watched film Amistad in school, in lessons of English: Across Culture. It’s historical drama about real event of slaves from Africa. The film is about slavery in 19. century, when people with black skin were escorted from their home to the American continent.
In the beginning Cinque and the other slaves are on the journey from Africa on the ship La Amistad, they get free and they take over control on ship. 2 people from crew must steer back to the Africa but they streer to the America.
Resources is spent and they stop on the island but the American Navy catches them and put them to the American prison, where they wait for lawsuit.
During the lawsuit Joadsen and Tappan ensure the translator Baldwin for Cinque and they go to the ship La Amistad and they find document about slaves, where is written the slaves are from Africa, slavery from Africa is illegal. And because of it they win the lawsuit.
But the Spanish ambassador takls with American president and he says him it could begin a Civil War, if he will set free the slaves and Cinque is in prison again.
    Joadsen and Tappan ask for help ex-president Adams although the first he refused after that he accept it and helps them. He has long and wonderful speech at The Supreme Court and finally it makes him free.
    In the end the slave’s fort is made free too and Cinque and slaves from La Amistad go home.
Although there were a lot of dialogues and lawsuits and not enought action, plot is interesting, because of excellent actors and because of you want to know what happen with them you must watch it to the end.
Djimon Hounsou’s (Cinque) performance is great, he is convincing as big, unlearned and silent person – typical slave.
Morgan Freeman (Theodore Joadsen) is ex-slave, he is very silent.
Stellan Skarsgard (Tappan) activist and lawyer of Cinque.
Matthew Mc Conaughey (Baldwin) is translator of Cinque. For me he connect two worlds and two cultures, he is excellent and he is convincing as person who lived in this time.
Anthony Hopkins (John Quincy Adams) is an ex-president, his performance is really the best, he is high-principled and he doesn’t do something if he doesn’t belive it. I can say, at the end, during his speech, he belived what he say.
The dialogues are realistic but very difficult to understand. I can to translate it but I sometimes don’t understand it.
Location is real, true and nippy and costumes are great and realistic.
Although there aren’t action, funny scenes and laywer fights instead of main hero of film, this film is very good. If you don’t watch it, never mind. It is important to know about slavery but there are a lot of the other films about it. But if you started to watch it, you can’t stop it and go. You must to watch it all.

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