Fashion and clothes

•    for Czech is typical proverb: “The clothes make a man.” it is true, when you see a person who has wonderful and expensive clothes or when you see a person in clothes of homeless, what you think about this person but clothes don’t make a better person only prettier person
•    there are different attitudes (= přístupy) to fashion people
­   - go to shop for new clothes every week, buy a magazine about fasion, spent a lot of money by clothes
­   - go to shop when they have a time, it is relaxion for them
­  -  go to shop only when haven’t any clothes
I am the second type – when I have a time I go to shop, it is relaxion for me and I like it, I don’t stress, I don’t need clothes from magazines or from fashion shows, I must feel good in clothes, but I must confess to (= přiznat se) I buy a magazines where is fashion, but there isn’t only fashion
boys and girls
­    -typical is girl love to by new clothes and boys hate it, today exist men who like it
­    -my boy-friend likes to buy or try wear to mountains like: waterproof jacket and trousers, wear for cycle: elastic trousers
­    exist boy who take care of themselves, it means the men use pink shirt, gel in hair, they are going to cosmetic salon but they are heterosexual, Czech expression for men like this is “šampónek” , it isn’t swear-word (= nadávka) – this boys loves fashion and buying new clothing
­    existed people who buy expensive fashion:
›    for women: Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace – ladies wear, romantic and elegant style
›    for men: Amani – famous because of gentlemen’s wear like suits
›    existed sports marks: Nike, Adidas, Fishbone, Puma, Power – better for sportsmen, f.e. have shoes Adidas is healthy for your feet and legs
­    you can buy clothe on Vietnam emporium (= tržnice) – I buy here shirts for one season
­    you can buy clothe on internet in e-shops: you choice which you want and put it in shopping basket, be affair you must pay or clothe, for post and they can slowly and so on
•    styles:
it exists a lot of styles of wearing and fashion:
­    Goths – people who like to listen sad music and wear in black – clothes in black, hair in black and make in black, but white skin
­    Barbie – girls or women who wear exactly by new fashion, spent a lot of money by clothes and look is very important for them
­    Skaters – men who wear big jeans, big shirt, baseball cap on head, skateboard in hand
­    Hip-hopers – the same wear but gold or silver chain (= řetěz) on neck, baseball cap or headband on head, listen hip-hop music and they are great in dance
­    Hippies style – natural materials, natural colours, flower, everything is free
­    Romantic style – it show femininity (= ženskost)
­    Elegance style – long coat, coat and skirt, pullover, trouser suit, dress
­    Sport style – jeans, shirt, sport shoes
I am something between Romantic style and Sport style, I like to take pullover ale jeans and court shoes or jean and shirt.
• opportunities:
­    go out with friends – girls and boys: jeans, shirt and sport shoes, me: + sunglasses (I like), big handbag
­    go to club – girls: jeans, court shoes with low heels (= lodičky s nízkými podpatky) because of dance, some nice shirt more sexy, long ear-rings, boy: jeans, skirt in white (often) and sport shoes
­    go to restaurant for eating – girls: jeans, skirt, black trousers, pullover, crew-neck sweater, blouse, boys: jeans and shirt
­    go to anniversary – girls: costume or coat and skirt, court shoes, elegant jewellery: f.e. necklace and bracelet from pearl, boys: suit, shirt, tie or bow tie (= motýlek), black shoes
­    go to ball – boys: suit, shirt, tie or bow tie (= motýlek), black shoes, girls: evening gown (= večerní šaty), cocktail dress
­    on own wedding – bridegroom (= ženich): suit (in black, in white, in light blue colour), shirt, tie or bow tie, shoes, bride: wedding dress, jewellery (necklace, bracelet, ear-rings, brooch, coronet in hair)
­    be at home – leisure wear, warm socks – I am cold all time
•    season:
­    spring – waistcoat (= vesta), pullover, jeans
­    summer – skirt, shirt, swimsuit, flip-flop, sandals, court shoes, barefooted in grass (I am allergic on bees and wasp)
­    autumn – waistcoat (= vesta), pullover, jeans, umbrella
­    winter – anorak with hood (= kapuca), sweater, gloves, jeans, boots (= kozačky)
•    materials:
­    natural – cotton, wool, silk, velvet (= samet), leather
­    artificial fibres – plush (= plyš)
­    best – crease-resistant (= nemačkavá), waterproof (= nepromokavá), non-iron
•    uniforms:
­    police – blue or black, special police cap
­    soldiers – green, masked
­    doctors – white cloak, white trousers, white shoes,  stethoscope on neck
­    nurses – white + blue uniform
­    uniforms in school in Britain – blazer, tie, shirt, trousers (girls – skirt), shoes
•    national costumes:
­    Scotland – men have skirt – make from tartan
­    Moravia – special uniforms

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