English language and english speaking countries

About English language
    About 420 million people speak English in the world. It means that English is the most wide spred language in the world. It means a world language.
It is used also for practical purposes – in administrative, in economy, in business, in technology, in education, in sport.
English became so important in the 17. century. English is of Germanic origin. English borrowed words from many other languages (French, Spanisch, Czech – robot). And we can say that other languages are influenced by English vocabulary.
There are 5 main types of English, which differ in pronuncation, spelling and vocabulary: British E., American E., Australian E., Indian and Africa English.

English speaking countries
    The name is used for the countries, where the majority of population speaks English as their mother tongue: Great Britain, Ireland, The USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
But there are other large countries were Engish is spoken as second language, for example India, Pakistan, The Republic of South Africa and other African countries.
We can say that people speak English in the USA, Ireland and in the Commonwealth countries. The Commonwealth is an association of Britain and 47 former colonie. Founding members were Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Later the Commonwealth included many African, Asian and Caribbean nationals. The Queen of England Elizabeth II. Is the former head in 17 dominions.

Nowadays all pupils of our republic can to learn English when they are 8. They have choose other foreign Lang – French, English, German, Russians, etc.
I learn two foreign languages – English and German. As for me English is easier than German. Languages are important for professionals or travelling.

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