•    I live in flat with my mother, step father and brother.
•    our block of flat is small, it has only 4 floors
•    our surrounding is wonderful, we live in calm part of our town, my basic school was 200m of my home
•    our flat is modern, very nice and my mother is expert by decoration of our flat, I like my home very much
­    in our flat, there is hall, it made from wood and the wood smells very nice, when you open a door
­    on the left side, there are bathroom and toilet together, there are tiles on the floor and on the wall too, we haven’t a bathtub, we have only shower bath
bathroom is in green colour, because of tiles and mother’s decoration and shower bath, washbasin (= pračka) sideboards and toilet are white
­when you leave our hall, you are in dining room, which is joined with living room and kitchen joined it is mean we haven’t a door or wall there, but in reality it is separated by colour or using
­ dinig room is decorade by wood on the wall and all things are make from wood there, there is a table with 4 chairs, comode and big open sideboard
­ living room is make from wood too, but it has black colour, there is a unit furniture, TV set (it mean TV, video, DVD recorder and so one), there is a glass coffe table (it is smoked glass - dark) and a three-piece suite in green colour with black narrow strips
­ kitchen is in white colour, it is a little bit impractical, there is fridge, washer (= myška), cooker, electric oven and there is a sink unit, which is light brown colour
­ bedroom of my parents, it is smaller room in our flar, there is TV set, bed and shelves the last is bedroom of me and my brother, it is very large room, there are 4 tall wardrobes and 2 of them are 2 big mirrors, there are 3 tables: the table, where is computer, my brother’s table and my, where is a lot of papers to school, books, which I am reading, calendar with dogs, photos of my family, me and Ondra, jewel box (=šperkovnice) and box for pencils, crayon and felt tips (= fixy) and I have blue revolving chair, above table of my brother is TV set and we sleep on bunk bed, there is waste-paper basket,
•    I like my home and I would like to change only one thing: I have never had my own room. I would like to have room only for me (posters of stars, my own computer, own bed) and I can go to sleep when I want and listen music when I want and so on
•    my favourite: bedroom of me and my brother – learn here, read, prepare to school, dance, listen a music, watch TV, eat here
•    paremts: my mum is from town (Kopřivnice) and my father from villige (Ženklava), they lived together in Kopřivnice, but my parents are divorced now
­    I live with my mum in Kopřivnice my father has family (wife and children) in Bartošovice, they live in detached house with garden and swiming pool, now I seldom visit him, I stopped to visit him when I was 10 his house is very nice and large, there are 2 floors, in 1st floor is kitchen and dining room and in 2nd floor is bedroom of my brother and stepbrothers and bedroom of my father and my stepmother and large living room
­    I don’t like my bed there, the roof under my bed is skewed (= strop je zkosený) and I hurt every morning
•    I never want to live with my parents in one house when I will be married, parents want to safe and help their children all life – me and my future husband will have a problem – we will solve this problem, but parents will want to help and you can say to neighbour: “Don’t discard me, please” (= nestarej se o mě, prosím)
•    all my neighbours in our block of flat is pensioners
­    all the time at home, scullionly swear (= sprostě nadávají) at politicians and goverment, smoke a lot of, gossip about everything (= drbou o) and they want, you must be calm at 8 pm
­    on the other side – our house is clean, garden in front of our block if flat is wonderfull, care about side-walk (= chodník), bushes, grass and when snow, our stairs and side-walk is buldoze at 7 am
•    I would like to live in this country, my aunt (sister of my father) live in Switzerland 10 years, she is happy but my grandparents are very sad, they can’t to see their grandchildren (Joel and Cyril – speak Germany, understand Germany and Czech)
•    I would like to live in village but now I live in town
­ town:
advantage – buses goes often, a lot of shops, people don’t know you
disadvantage – smog, a lot of cars, buses, dangerous village
advantage – nature, good relations, calm, you can sunbathe on garden (naked too)
disadvantage – gossips, one shop for all village, everywhere must go by car or bus
•    I would like to live in house in Ženklava, it is detached house, there are 8 rooms and 2 floors:
­    in 1st floor hall where are a lot of flowers, table and chairs make from wood, on table is telephone (horrible – sit and talk and talk), there is tiled floor (bacause of grandfather) room for guests there is parguet floor and a unit furniture, TV set, a folding three-piece suite and table, there are a lot of flowers too (my grandparents – large garden, love flowers, my grandgrandfather was gardener furnace room there is gas furnace (= plynový kotel) and spiders (I hate this place)
­stairs without banister
­    in 2nd floor:
­    bathroom – white color, there are bathtub, washbasin, toilet, sideboards, on the floor and wall are tiles
­    living room – computer, a three-piece suite in black colour, a coffe table, TV set, I love glass wall poster where are photos of me, my brothers, stepbrother and my cousins, in time when we were babies until todays dining room and kitchen are together, there is fridge, electric oven and cooker and grandmother said: “I am washer.”, table and chairs of course bedroom for my grandparents, there are bed, a bedside tables: grandmother – books by Roberts and Sandra Brown (about love) and grandfather – books and magazines about garden, science and history  there is large balcony, where we have a breakfast and lunch in summer and in night you can watch stars on sk attic there is everything, grandparents dry a flower for tea and clothes there, there are spider too, I hate it too around of house is garden, large garden, there are trees: fruit, decorative and lime tree (=lípa) 300 year-old – we can’t to cut it, I want a swiming pool there – grandfather wants small lake with fishes and ducks  on garden is a garage, where is car, lawn mower, bikes and utility room for my grandfather, under garage is cellar, there is apples, potatoes, wine and spiders too
•    I would like to live here, it is very modern house, I would like to change only, room for guests and make bedroom for children:
­    large room, when children will be small they will be together in this room, carpet will be blue with cars (boys) or barbies (girls) and on wall will be paint small mole (= malý krtek – krteček) with mouse in grass, there will be a lot of toys, bunk bed and a wall unit from wood, the room will be shiny and light
­    when they will be older (about 12) we will build a wall in the midle of the room and both of them will have own room, there will be table, chair, computer, bed and everything what they need
•    problem homelles:
­    people, who lost work or family or house because of fire and so one
­    sometime they try have a work, find a flat
­    sometime they are only drinkers and they don’t want to work and have a home
•    today is very modern to have a detached house or a week, when you live in big city
­    it is better economic situation and people build new houses, behind my block of flat are a lot of new houses (wonderfull but sometime horrible colour)
­in England is typicipal to live in detached house, is expensive to buy a house, but it is cheaper to live in detached house than live in flat all life
­ in London: house boat (people live on boat on Temže)
in the USA, there are places where is savanna and desert where people live alone and places where is big cities and where live a lot of people
people in America live in 2 extremes: in large detached house with garden on wonderful street in the suburb(= na předměstí) – everybody know everybodyin big block of flats or skyscrapers in city

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