Food and meals

Most people usually have 3 meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eating style are different in every country. People all over the world can prefer china food like a fish, rice etc., or Italian food, like a spaghetti and pizza.
Breakfast in our country consists of something to drink such as tea with sugar and lemon, cold or warm milk or a cocoa. Most people have breakfast on several slices of bread, rolls or buns and butter, processed or natural cheese, eggs, ham, salami, jam and so on. We can also have something sweet (pancakes, waffles, apple pie as dessert or semolina cake or doughnut). Quite a lot of people eat cereal or cornflakes with ingredients like yoghurt, chocolate, stewed fruit, walnuts, hazelnuts and so on. We don’t have so much time for our breakfast.
Around noon it is lunchtime. Mostly have lunch soup, main course and afters. People have lunch in the school canteen, or local canteen, but some people prefer going to a restaurant or having fast food in a McDonalds. Soups may be either vegetable (potato, tomato, pea, bean, carrot, parsley, celery, mushrooms) or meat teas (beef tea, tripe, chicken, hen). The main dish can be either sweet such as fruit dumplings or pancakes with jam and cream. Or we can have some meat (beef, pork, veal, mutton, lamb) with some vegetables such as potatoes, chips, rice, Czech dumpling, pasta or bread.
It’s healthy to drink at least one glass of mineral water, juice, tea or beer, after each meal. Appetizer– it is a drink before eat to have a good appetite.
Dinner can be warm or cold, some families don’t have evening food. On some occasions we even go out to restaurants. Roast pork with sauerkraut and dumplings, chicken with rice, fried pork chops with mashed potatoes, filet of fish with potato salad, roasted sirloin beef in sour cream sauce and Czech dumplings. For variety we can order a vegetable salad prepared from tomatoes or cucumbers, stewed fruits or a dessert.
Special Czech food is knedlo-vepřo-zelo it is a traditional food with dumplings. You can order it in every Czech pub or in a good restaurant.
English people have a nice custom to have a tea at 5 o’clock. It is not like in our country when we have a snack. People eat slices of white or brown bread and butter with cheese, fish or ham, perhaps some vegetables, and jam. English people drink tea and coffee with milk.
    American food is not so good, it is usually some sort of fast-food like hamburgers, Coke, chips. Some people eat in fast-foods and they are fat, other people eat in a healthy way and they have no problems with weight.

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