Sports & games

Sports belong to most popular leisure time activities. Sports as a form of relaxation are refreshing, can help take off some weight, and to make use of one’s skills and strength. We can practise outdoor or indoor sports, in water or anywhere we want.

We can divide all sports into two groups according the place they can be practised:
1)    Indoor sports include for example athletics, gymnastics, table tennis, boxing, wrestling etc.
2)    On the other hand, among outdoor sports there are running, skiing, sledging, sleighing, hiking, rock climbing, horse riding, golf, tennis and some aquatic sports such as rowing and windsurfing, yachting, canoeing.
3)    Non-professional cycling, or riding a mountain bike, which is one of the most popular activities, can be also enjoyed outdoors on the roads or paths.
4 ) We can divide sports to winter and summer sports.

The games are usually all season activities. Many sports and games are played in sports halls, on playgrounds or in stadiums. Some winter sports are practiced on an ice-rink. Among these are ice hockey, speed skating or figure skating. If a river is frozen over everybody can skate on it.
The most numerous group of games are the ball games. Football is the most popular game in the world. Another sport from Great Britain is rowing.
In our school lessons of physical exercise we usually play volleyball, basketball, football, or baseball. If the weather is good we go to the playground and play some games there. But we have only two lessons a week.
Once in two years we have Olympic games, winter games and summer games. Important disciplines in winter games are: Ice-hockey, skiing downhill, cross country, slalom, ski jumping, skating, figure skating. In summer games it is: athletics, rowing, football, cycling, ball games etc.

When I was much younger, I learned swimming, cycling, skating, jogging,... etc. When I was twelve I started to play volleyball. Later I became interested in various ball games. In summer I use to play volleyball with my friends and family and in winter I often swim. I like to watch some sports on TV – e.g. ice hockey, figure skating or athletics competitions.

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