At the post office

At the post office I go when we need send away some correspondence, a telegram or a parcel, to phone somebody, to buy stamps, to send money.
When we have written a letter, we sign it, fold it and put it into an envelope. We stick down the envelope, writes the address and buy a stamp. We stick in on the right-hand upper corner. Then we take the letter to the post office or we can drop it in the nearest letter-box. From the letter-box the letters are taken to the post office where they are stored and marked.  When the mail reaches the place it is going to, the postmen sort it again. Later in the morning a postman delivers the letters.
For sending registered letters we have to go to special corner in a post office. For sending parcels we must go to another counter.  When we needs to make a phone call we must go to call box in post office. At the post office we can buy various bills too and collect money from savings bank.
Before a parcel is sent off it is weighed. A label may be put on it, such as "fragile" or "urgent". Parcels should be tied up with care. When a parcel cannot be delivered because the addressee is not at home, a note is dropped into his letterbox asking him to collect the parcel at the post office.
I prefer writing e-mail to my friends. It is comfortable and very fast. I needn’t buy paper, stamps and envelope and I haven’t gone to the post office. But at Christmas and Easter or on holiday I sent a postcard. Otherwise I visit a post office from time to time.

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