In the Czech Republic Christmas is also the most popular family holiday. People buy Christmas trees; hang various decorations and Christmas sweets on it.
Advent begins four weeks before Christmas Eve (December 24th). The third Sunday before Christmas is called Bronze Sunday, the second one Silver Sunday and the first Sunday before December 24th is Golden Sunday.
Most families decorate their houses with coloured paper, mistletoe and lights. Every family has a Christmas tree (fir or pine), which is decorated with coloured lights, ornaments and star at the top. Christmas trees are also placed in town squares.
Maybe two weeks before Christmas mothers bake sweets. We have the traditional Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. Some people follow the old tradition of fasting all day before the meal. The most important tradition connected with Christmas is the giving of presents. People sing carols at Christmas and send Christmas cards.
People celebrate the coming of the New Year on 31st of December at midnight with friends or at home with family.

Christmas in our family:
When I get up I decorate a Christmas tree and I watch fairy tales. Then I help my mother to prepare a dinner. We have a dinner at six o'clock - it is fish soap, potato salad and fried carp. After dinner we go to Christmas tree and we unwrap the presents.

Christmas Eve, 24th December - before English children go to bed they hang up Christmas stockings at the end of their beds and they believe that Santa Claus rides through the air on a sledge pulled by reindeer and comes down the chimney and fills up the stockings with presents and toys.
Christmas Day, 25th December - in the morning children enjoy unwrapping presents and at midday Christmas lunch is a great occasion. It consists of roast turkey, potatoes, vegetables and Christmas pudding.
Boxing Day, 26th December - it is still the custom to give a present of money to the tradesmen - the milkman, the postman, newspapers boys, etc. People usually go to a pantomime on that day. This is a show which is always based on a traditional fairy tale. People of all ages enjoy pantomime, especially children. Boxing Day is also the time to visit friends and relatives.

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