Medical science

Medical care is provided for our citizens from birth to death. Soon after birth each child is vaccinated against such illnesses as tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio and later smallpox.
Health is the greatest gift for everybody. If people meet the usually wish a lot of health one another. We all wish to by healthy. Because when people are ill they can’t work, they feel unhappy, they must stay at home, take a lot of medicine. They are in a bad mood. If somebody is ill, we can’t be happy and full of energy.
You can keep your health by physical training, hardening the body, sporting, sufficient sleep, balanced diet and avoiding smoking cigarettes, stress and drinking big amount of alcohol.
There are a lot of illnesses. We can divided into two groups: common and dangerous illnesses. The most common disease of all is cold, infection, angina, flu, tonsillitis, bronchitis or pneumonia. The illnesses witch are very catching or dangerous – a cancer, venereal disease (AIDS), a tuberculosis, a diabetes, a pneumonia etc. A lot of scientists and doctors look for medicine against this illnesses.
When you have a flue, you usually have a temperature, sore throat, cough and you snooze very often. You also have a headache and feel very weak and sick and even hoarse. You can go through it easily by staying in bed taking pills, keeping warm, sweating, gargling and drinking herbal tea with honey or lemon. But overcoming the illness can be very dangerous.

When I am in ill health:
When I feel unwell, I can see a doctor called General practitioner (GP). I wait in the waiting room, which is often overcrowded. When the nurse comes out, I have to give her my insurance card and then she invites me to a surgery office. The doctor usually asks what the trouble is and then asks me I undress, because she must examine me. She also wants to know if I have a temperature, a good appetite and here I feel pain. She wants me to open my mouth and say “Ah” to see if my tonsils are red. Finally the doctor diagnoses the case and prescribes a medicine. With prescriptions I go to pharmacy and get antibiotics, vitamins pain relievers, ointment, syrup, herbs for a tea, spray, drops or gargle etc.

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