1) Travelling
•    all people on the world travel, people travelled in history and they travel at present too
•    reasons of travelling:
-    learning about new places, countries, new people (Africa – most interesting continent, there lives people, who you never see before, with different religion, style of life, weather)
-    business, political reasons (businessmen travel several times by day because of their work)
-    cultural reasons
-    scientific purpose = účel (to travel to Alaska, to deserts in Africa, tropical rain forests in South America)

•    can be dangerous: you can meet bad people, get lost, be murdered, they can stole your money, it is better not travel alone, you can get lost or you can stole documentation (passport, identity card, air tickets for return journey)
•    accidents: on sea: ship sink, you can sink in ship or on sea, cold wather – freeze to death, in the air: plane fallen down, today kidnapping of plane, on the road: 700 death people by year, on car driving lessons instructor show death people on road without legs or head

•    in 21. centruies is possible travel on land: car, motorcycle, public transport, train, bicycle, by sea: ship, boat, ferry, yacht, in the air: hovercraft, helicopter (expensive), plane

    various means of transport
-    earlier: on foot, on horseback
advantage: one – ecological, only disadvantage: uncomfortable, dangerous, quickly tired, no long way

-    car, motorcycle
advantage: comfortable, fast, can stop where you want and you can arrive want you want, disadvantage: traffic jams, air pollution, you need driver or driving licence, check fuel = palivo – petrol station, oil, expensive

-    bus, tram, underground it is public transport – the most often
advantage: fast, cheap, underground without traffic jams and tram and underground are ecological, disadvantage: bus isn’t ecological, it leaves in definite = určitý time and it stops at bus stop

-    railways – train – don’t like it, dealy
•    fast, slow train, left lugage office (Olomouc), emergency handle, washroom, wainting room, platform, time table, subway, slot machine, booking hall, locker, information
advantage: modern train – diesel and electric engines = lokomotivy, comfortable, there is sleeping car, dining car, toilet, fast, disadvantage: old trains are noisy, dirty, uncomfortable, sometimes expensive

-    plane – my favourite
-    at the airport: come soon, show anything to declare, detector of metal, wait in waiting room (duty free shop – big triangle chocolate), show boarding card
-    driving 2 pilots, air hostess (stewards) get you instructions about accident, exits, life jacket = záchranná vesta, about temperature outside and about temperature of  country where you are travelling
advantage: the fastest transport, comfortable, you get food, air hostess (stewards) care of you, you can watch a film, you can see clouds or land, disadvantage: the airports aren’t in all town, you must get to this town, very dangerous recently

-    ship – it was typical in 20. centuries, you used it only for way over the ocean - want to try
advantage: it can be romantic way recently, disadvantage: you can be seasick, dangerous

-    bicycle – with Ondra sometimes
advantage: it is ecological, you can go where you want, it can be relax for somebody, it’s faster than go by foot, disadvantage: very fast cycling can be dangerous, quickly tired

-    hitchhike – once, nevermore
advantage: very cheap disadvantage: dangerous

-    untypical travelling: sailing on a yacht, hot-air ballooning, skateboarding, roller-skating

My travelling
•    I sometimes like travelling but sometimes no: it depends on  typ of travel (to school, to grandmother, to Switzerland, to my father...)
•    I visited 4 countries: Switzerland (family), Bulgaria (holiday, 2 times, with Ondra), Croatia (holiday, stones in sea), Germany (family – stepfather’s sister)
•    I’d like to visit Spain (love this country, wild blood, dance, sights, sea, beaches, food, wine and a lot of sun – hot!) and Japan (history, sights, flovers, bonsaies, houses, food, cultural, fighter sports)
•    I’d like to try have a holiday on desert island but with somebody (with Ondra or friends, only holiday, try to live without people, phone, TV)
•    I never have holiday on mountains (hotel or cottage, with friends too, snowboard, cable-car go up)
•    I have gone by plane 3 times to 2x Switzerland, Bulgaria
­    to Switzerland: with grand mother, stepbrothers to family, hectic, have come late at the airport, we must check-in very quickly, the slowest women, go to detector of metal and to sit into plane, my stepbrothers speak German,...
­    to Bulgaria: with Ondra and family, have come soon and wait a hour, have eat, reclaim looks like ring, it move and our baggage were on it
•    worst travelling – in microbus to atlethic races, few seats, in boot, police
•    my typical travel is by bus – every morning at 6.50, on the beginning of month you need money for buy tickets, after that you can buy week ticket or month ticket it’s cheaper, drivers unplesant
•    underground – used only in Prague, come every 5 minutes, very quick, cheaper, but crowded

•    need to travel: valid = platný passport and for some countries visa = vízum necessary, health insurance = pojištění, need to change money
•    luggage (GB) / baggage (USA) 
-    suitcase = kufr na oblečení, briefcase = diplomatka, trunk = lodní kufr
-    bag, rucksack [raksek]
-    clothing and cosmetic
-    write address of place where you will have holiday and your own address
•    travel agencies
-    you must choose good agency
-    it arrange = zařídit trips, tickets, *accommodations
•    foreign language: most people in world speak English, in Europe also German, French and Russian

•    room in a hotel, can be booked = zapsán, rezervován by letter, phone or via = prostřednictvím email
•    can to be in: hotels, inns (in the country) and pubs (in the towns); hostels (for young people)
•    when you enter a hotel: fill in the registration form at receptionist’s desk (name, permanent address, nationality, time of stay, number of identity card), get a key of the room or card
•    typical equipment in hotel room: bathroom, bedroom, where is wardrobe, bed, mirror, table
•    typical facilities in hotel: restaurant, dancing place, swimming pool, fitness centre, sauna, hairdresser

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