When we go shopping we can go either to a big department store or to the shop, which specializes in some extra goods, e.g.
We can buy
- vegetables and fruit at a greengrocers.
- meat and sausages at a butcher shop.
- bread, rolls and cakes at a bakery.
- chocolate, bags of candy and cakes at a sweet shop.
- flowers at a florists.
- different metal goods (nails) at a hardware store.
- writing paper and envelopes at a stationary store.
- TV sets, washing machines at an electrical dealers.
- toys for your children at toy shops (dolls, toy trucks, balls, etc).
- shoes at a shoe shop.

In the most common shop we can buy food, such as tea, coffee, sugar, flour, butter, cheese, eggs, jam, tinned food and kitchen needs such as dish soap, detergents and polish.
In the chemists shop we can buy medicines and ointments, toothpaste, combs, bath soap.
Food products are usually bought in a self service shop or a supermarket. The supermarket is bigger and we can also buy goods from the chemist and hardware here. In a self service store we go in, pick up a basket or a wheeled cart, walk around the shop a choose what we want. At the exit there is a cash-desk or a cashier where we pay for all your merchandise together, either with cash or with our credit card.
A typical feature of modern big cities are big department stores. They are usually huge buildings equipped with speedy lifts and  escalators, where you can buy almost everything from food to furniture.
An average Czech family goes shopping every day to a local supermarket for necessary food. Once a week they usually do one bigger purchase for the weekend and from time to time they have to buy clothes and shoes.

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