Canada is the second largest country in the world. French settlers gave the country the Indian name Canata, witch means a village. Canada occupies the whole of the northern part of North America and a lot of islands. It neighbours with the USA, with Alaska and continental states.
The Great Lakes region is the largest area of fresh water in the world. Between the lakes Erie and Ontario there are famous Niagara falls. There are the Rocky Mountains, the Mackenzie Mountains and the Melville hills. The highest mountain is Mount Logan.
Canada has nearly 25 million habitants. It means that the density is very low. 80 percent Canadians live in large centres, more than 40 percent are of British origin, 30 percent are of French origin and the rest is made Indians and Eskimos. The first Europeans were the Vikings who discarded America. Since the 16. century large territories were occupied by the French but France lost this country in wars with England. Canada became a British dominion.
Canada is very rich country. It has coal, metal, oil, gas, chemical industry, motorcar industry (is situated in Ottawa), shipbuilding industry in Montreal or Toronto. Canada is covered by forests. Only a small part is suitable for agriculture. Canada produces a wheal, vegetable, fruits, tobacco. Canada is very rich in natural resources – Gold, oil, gas. Valid currency is Canadian dollar.
Canada is the part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The head of state is the British Queen. Canada consist of 10 provinces and 2 territories.
The capital city is Ottawa. The three largest city are Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. The biggest province is Quebec with the capital city Quebec City. People speak there French.
Canada has its own flag. It is red and in the centre there is a white square with a simple red  maple leave. There are 2 official languages – English and French.      

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